4 Best Hosted E-Commerce Platforms for Your Online Store

Looking for a hosted e-commerce platform for your online shop? Look no further as you have come to the right place! Check out these 4 best hosted e-commerce platforms you can use!

The truth is that the e-commerce platforms are constantly evolving. The good thing is that you have various options available on the market so you can decide which option suit your business’ needs the best.

Even though there has always been a lot of contention over which platform is the best, we can say that you are the only one who can decide as each individual has its own requirements and each business has its own needs. Here’s some of the most popular articles that you can check:  Stock photography

In this article, we are going to present you the 4 best hosted e-commerce platforms you can use to build your own online store.

  • Shopify – This is probably one of the most popular online shopping cart tools. The reason why Shopify is so successful today is its app store that makes it so easy to expand the functions of your web shop. Shopify offers many apps, probably more than any other competitor on this list. Also, they offer a nice selection of professional and customized themes.
  • BigCommerce – This is one of the most famous shopping carts in the category – top million sites. This means that this e-commerce platform is suitable for small-to-medium-sized online shops. BigCommerce offers many features that can help you increase your sales. Even though the pricing can be compared to Shopify, the feature set BigCommerce offers is much better.
  • Volusion – This platform is the second most used shopping cart. It is popular in almost all ranges. Volusion is the cheapest platform that offers abandoned cart recovery (this feature comes with a starter plan at $15 per month). This plan is limited to 100 products and 1GB of data usage, but we can ensure you that it has all the necessary options you need to get started.
  • Wix – This is a free website builder and what many people are not aware of is that it also offers e-commerce features as part of the premium packages. Even though Wix is not going to impress you with its features, there is enough to get your online shop up and running.

Depending on what your business needs are and how many users are going to visit your shop, you will decide which platform is ideal for you.

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